UPDATE: Two arrested after bank robbery sends Bettendorf Schools into lock down


UPDATE: Two arrests have been made in connection to the robbery at U.S. Bank earlier this morning.

Christopher Schultz, 41, and Benjamin Watkins, 21, of Geneseo have been arrested.

Schultz is being charged with two counts of robbery in the 1st degree and theft in the 2nd degree.

Watkins is being charged with robbery in the 1st degree, conspiracy to commit a forcible felony, and theft in the third degree.

UPDATE: Bettendorf Police confirm to Local 4 News they’re investigating a bank robbery at the US Bank location on 3120 Middle Road. 

Police would not give any more information on the incident at this time.


A lockdown at three schools has been lifted after police activity in the area.

Local 4 News is following police activity in west Bettendorf Thursday morning along Golden Valley Driver and Tanglefoot Lane. 

A spokesperson for the Bettendorf School District told Local 4 News Paul Norton and Hervert Hoover Elementary Schools and the Bettendorf High School were placed on lockdown, but it was lifted a short time later.

The nature of the police activity is unknown at this time. 

Local 4 News does have crews on the scene. 

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