UPDATED: Mississippi surpasses 1993 crest

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9 p.m. update – The Mississippi River has hit 22.7′ tonight and is now fluctuating between 22.65 and 22.7′.  Once it gets back down to around 22.6′ or lower we’ll know the crest has occurred. 

3:30 p.m. update – The river has reached 22.68′ so far today, and still has a chance to go a bit higher this evening.  

Noon Update: As of 11:50, the Mississippi now has a new high mark. The river reached 22.64 ft. at that time this morning, surpassing the 1993 crest. Water levels are still rising. 

Original Story: The Mississippi River is now projected to crest at its highest level on record in the Quad Cities. 

Fueled by early morning rainfall on saturated ground, water levels will now crest around 22.7 ft. tonight. The previous 1993 record is 22.63 ft. 

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