A once slow-growing area of the Quad Cities is seeing some new life.
New shops, restaurants, and attractions are giving the Village of East Davenport a boost. Business owners say it’s a big change from slower sales in the past.
“For awhile I think it was more of a bar scene,” said Kathryn Hasakis.
Hasakis owns Field and Finch, a new shop opening up in the Village of East Davenport in two weeks. Despite the Village’s thriving nightlife, getting people out and about during the day has been difficult.
“We moved here from Chicago in 1987 & the East Village was just a hoppin’ place. When my family came to visit, we all ran down here,” said Hasakis.
Hasakis already owns a popular women’s boutique in Le Claire. She thinks this new spot can compete, saying: “I think that time has come again. I think’s just a fun place to be, and I see so much activity, so many people here.”
Wide River Winery is new to the Village, too. Their new tasting room just opened a few weeks ago.
Owner and winemaker Dorothy O’Brien says the crowd here is definitely different from their other locations.
“We’re getting a lot of traffic who live nearby & just walk over and do a tasting, have a bottle of wine,” said O’Brien.
That local traffic is why new businesses like The Mound are thriving, too. The Mound is a sports bar in the Village. As new apartments aimed at a younger crowd go in, manager Brian Doerrfeld says keeping the area’s nightlife alive is just as important.
“You’ve got your family eatings, you’ve got your nightlife. Single kids that want to come down here and grab a beer after 10:00. It’s nice to have options. They’re helping us just as much as we’re trying to help them,” said Doerrfeld.
Coming together to help the village grow; one new bar, boutique, and glass of wine at a time.