We’ve all come to a fork in the road at some moment in time and that was the case for one man, his mouse and a well-known legacy.
Walt Disney, father of Mickey Mouse and so many childhood memories, almost called Davenport home according to well known Quad-City Times journalist Bill Wundram.
Wundram has been a reporter for the Quad-City Times for more than 70 years. One day in 1965, he got a call he’ll never forget. After several attempts to interview the man who was taking the country by storm, he finally got a response.
 A man from Walt Disney’s office offered to fly Wundram to California for a column.
The company sent its private jet to the Quad City International Airport to pick up Wundram and his wife.
Once they arrived, he was taken to Disney’s office in Burbank.
“It was like a big beautiful living room and there he was plinking around at the piano,” Wundram said. “I said, ‘Mr. Disney, why me from Davenport?'”
“One time I applied for a job in Davenport, Iowa,” Wundram recalls the response from Disney.   “I can’t remember the name of the company, but I think it was something like Victor. They made slides and they needed an artist and after going through all my stuff, they told me my artwork wasn’t any good.”
However, Disney went on to tell Wundram the company did offer him a job selling movie projectors. An offer Disney declined.
Disney added one more thing before Wundram left the Burbank office.
“He said ‘Davenport is a very sweet town. You know, if I had taken that job, I could still be there today,'” Wundram recalled.
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