WATCH: Davenport neighbor catches attempted car theft on camera

WATCH: Davenport neighbor catches attempted car theft on camera

As the Quad Cities’ stolen car count surpasses 200, one Davenport neighborhood is taking surveillance into its own hands.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers: 

  • Davenport: 123 (as of April 30)
  • Moline: 40 (as of May 28)
  • East Moline: 31 (as of May 28)
  • Bettendorf: 10 (as of May 28)
  • Rock Island: Did not 

A woman in the Tyler Park area discovered a man had tried to break into her car after reviewing her home security footage Monday morning. 

The video, which she gave to Local 4 News, shows a man walk up to the drivers side of the car, try to open the door and then leave after discovering it’s locked. 

It’s a scene nearby residents are used to. 

“I’m pretty sure they’ve tried to break into mine and failed miserably because I never leave a door unlocked,” said James Sanders, who has lived in Tyler Park for almost four years.

The neighbors we spoke with say they’ve had to take surveillance into their own hands.

“I check around the neighborhood once in a while, you know, just look around to see if I see anything that should not be happening,” Sanders said.

Katie Buchter, who has lived in the neighborhood for eight years, said she isn’t concerned about her car being stolen, but rather the number of stolen cars that come speeding down her street.

“They’ll fly by,” Buchter said. “Especially with this roundabout, it’s just dangerous and kids like to play baseball and stuff in the center and we’re just always really nervous for the safety of the kids.” 

It’s such a concern her husband has gone to the police.

“They’ve basically said, especially because a lot of them are juveniles, that there’s really nothing we can do,” Buchter said.

Nothing, but lock their doors.

“They’re crimes of opportunity and if we don’t give them the opportunity then that’s the best route to take,” Buchter said.

Local 4 News also received surveillance video from another Davenport resident who said he caught someone trying to get into his car on camera Monday night. This comes from the Glen Armil neighborhood. Watch it above in the slideshow. 

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