When it rains water pours into this northeast Davenport neighborhood


More rain in the forecast has some neighbors in northeast Davenport nervous about more problems. 

On Tuesday, homeowners said they’re frustrated with city leaders. 

Neighbors living behind the new Portillos say new development in the area has caused more water runoff than ever before. 

Now they say with the potential for more rain, it’s only going to get worse. 

It’s been a battle between city leaders and neighbors for months.

But now they say they’re tired of not seeing a solution. 

Neighbor Jeff Talbert says ever since they’ve started building Costco and Portillo’s along 53rd, it’s gotten worse.

“Ever since they’ve done this nothing has actually dried,” said Talbert. 

Now they’re facing flooded front yards, a muddy mess and cracked and crumbling streets. 

Talbert says he and his neighbors have been dealing with this for months. 

“We do have erosion the street, we have water on the street, dirt and grass that can’t be grown,” he said,

And even just a few inches of rain in the forecast could have a big impact. 

“It makes me concerned for the neighborhood and how the water is affecting the neighbors,” said Talbert.

But Talbert says it’s not about the businesses themselves, it’s about a bigger picture. 

“I’m all for the new revenue but we need to take care of our residents and protect our citizens,” he said. “I think that’s just as important as growing our city.”  

Several neighbors even filed a lawsuit against the city, and have called for a storm water containment system that would divert the flowing water- caused in part by new developments- off their private property. 

“I don’t feel the city has taken the property owner’s needs into consideration, how it’s affecting the property,” said Talbert.

He says he worries the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to keep people in this quiet Davenport neighborhood, and send property values plummeting.  

“Why would you put water in front of somebody’s house and expect them to say ‘hey that’s no problem I don’t mind having a moat in my front yard’?”

And hopes soon, they find a solution before they’re in too deep. 

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