The first week of the NFL season is in the books and fans are experiencing a range of emotions, from joy at watching their favorite players again to anger when things don’t go to plan. The first week gave fans plenty of action, but which teams had the happiest fans this week and whose fans were outraged?, a sports betting website, monitored fan sentiment on X (formerly Twitter) to see which team’s fans had the happiest posts and which were the angriest after the first week of the season. The San Francisco 49ers have the happiest fans in the NFL, with 36.3% of tweets that were positive about the team. The Cleveland Browns came in second with 36.1% positive team tweets. Green Bay Packer fans were in fourth with 29.2% positive tweets and the Minnesota Vikings were in seventh with 22.7% post positivity. The Chicago Bears round out the Top 10 with 20.2% positive tweets.

The Bears were unique in that they appeared on both the happiest and angriest fan lists. The team came in fourth place for negative posts, with 13.8%. The title of angriest fans goes to New York Giants backers, with 21.1% negative tweets. The Houston Texans come in second with 15.4% angry tweets about the team and the New York Jets came in third with 14% negative remarks, possibly owing to Aaron Rogers’ injury in his first start with the team.