“Why does Davenport have the worst streets in the state?” Neighbors concerned about Portillo’s


Excitement is mounting for people across the Quad Cities about a new restaurant that might open. 

The city of Davenport announced on Facebook Wednesday that Portillo’s could set up shop on 53rd Street. 

Portillo’s can’t be built until the city rezones about six and a half acres of land. 

Some neighbor’s aren’t so excited about it.

They are stepping in to make sure the developer and city come up with a plan to keep their neighborhoods safe. 

One neighbor tells local 4 News he’s even hired an attorney to make sure that happens. 

Laura Stephens bought her house in October. 

“I love Portillo’s, I’m so glad it’s wanting to come to the Quad Cities. But the impact on our neighborhood could really be a lot more than we bargained for as far as what we were looking for when we bought our house.” 

Her new home might now be behind a new Portillo’s.

“Our biggest concern has been how traffic is going to be affected on Lorton because of all the development up on 53rd.” 

The mom of five is not alone. 

“We don’t want 1100 cars a day coming down Lorton,” says Craig McManus. 

He and Stephens were among about 50 neighbors who showed up to a meeting held by the city of Davenport.

McManus has even retained some help to make sure they’re heard. 

“We want an attorney to observe what has happened. We want an attorney to look at the law. We want an attorney to look and see what they can do to restrict traffic. This is very premature but hopefully it will be effective,” says McManus. 

Both he and Stephens aren’t against the development…
They say they just want proper planning. 

“We have a family, we have kids who play outside,” Stephens says. 

Some solutions were proposed at Thursday’s neighborhood meeting. 

Those include a no-trucks rule on neighborhood roads and installing stop signs, speed bumps and speed cameras where neighbors fear drivers could try to cut through. 

The next opportunity for neighbors to speak up will be at the Plan and Zoning Committee meeting on Tuesday, June 19th. 

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