YMCA Achievers Program helps teens overcome obstacles to success


Marlo Clarke, Director of the YMCA Achievers Program, joined Local 4’s Brittany Price in studio to share more about the re-direction program. It’s for area teens focused on education and graduation, job training and placement, and college entrance and career placement.

Marlo works closely with schools, the courts, churches and other nonprofits to identify teens and to help them overcome their most immediate obstacles on the path to being productive members of society. 

YMCA Achievers has a success rate of greater than 85% in successfully getting teens to stay on the positive path.

In addition to educating the kids, educating the community is also important. Marlo often speaks to community groups, teachers, coaches, the media and any opportunities to better educate people about the cycles of negative behaviors most all of these children are born into. From violence, to post traumatic stress, to intransient households and a lack of role models, the children we serve are usually born into incredible difficult circumstances.

Sometimes, Marlo finds young people incredibly enthusiastic about making positive choices. However, in some cases, getting a job involves a creating a birth certificate to get a social security card to get hired, then comes transportation, sometimes a place to stay, toothpaste and toothbrush, clean clothes, and a reliable phone.

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