‘You’re gambling with the kids’ lives’: Parents want answers after school bus drives through flood


A local school district superintendent is apologizing after video surfaced of a school bus driving through floodwater.

Local 4 News obtained video from a viewer who recorded a school bus from the Monmouth-Roseville School District driving through several feet of floodwater. It’s so high that water rises over the hood.

“You’re gambling with the kids’ lives,” said Trista Ross, who shot the video. “There’s a lot of concerned parents right now and upset parents.”

Parents and neighbors wanted answers, so we went to Monmouth and got them. 

“I said, ‘Is that our bus?,'” Monmouth-Roseville School District Superintendent Ed Fletcher said. “my second question was, ‘Were there kids on the bus?'”

Fletcher said the students on board were headed to Lincoln Elementary School. 

“You don’t want any kids on a bus in a situation like this, but especially our young ones,” Fletcher said. “That made it even more concerning.”

Fletcher could not give many details about the driver because the investigation into the incident is a personnel matter, but he did tell Local 4 News they are dealing with driver.

Police are also investigating. 

Now Fletcher’s focus is on making sure this doesn’t happen again. 

“[I’m] working with my transportation director and meeting with my bus drivers and showing them this video,” Fletcher said. “It’s a what-not-to-do when you come across water in the road.”

“Sorry only goes so far. It’s really something that is unacceptable. We don’t ever want to see it happen again in Monmouth-Roseville.”

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