Pop culture is big at Spirit Halloween this year

Everyone who likes to slay on Halloween knows it’s never too early to start planning your costume. And with the big night just over a month away, Spirit Halloween just announced the most-anticipated costumes and accessories for this year.

If you’ve been paying any attention to pop culture in 2023, none of these will come as a surprise. The year’s biggest movies and TV shows are going to be everywhere on Halloween — and if you want to have one of the coolest costumes on the block, your binge-watching had better be up-to-date.

Most anticipated Spirit Halloween adult costumes

Best Adult Morticia Addams Costume - The Addams Family

Adult Morticia Addams Costume – “The Addams Family”

“Wednesday” was a smash hit for Netflix this year, and while Morticia was only in a handful of scenes, she and her husband, Gomez, stole the show every time they appeared. They’re both iconic characters, so it’s no wonder Morticia’s going to be big on Halloween this year.

Best Adult Rave N' Dance Wednesday Addams Dress

Adult Rave N’ Dance Wednesday Addams Dress

Morticia wasn’t the star of the show, though. Show off your moves in Wednesday’s dress from the school dance — one of the most quintessential scenes from the show.

Best Adult Western Ken Costume - Barbie the Movie

Adult Western Ken Costume – “Barbie the Movie”

“Barbie” was the year’s biggest movie release, so there’s no surprise here that we’re seeing Halloween costumes inspired by its characters. According to Spirit Halloween, people love Western Ken’s look, so get ready to rock a little fringe this year.

Best Adult Ursula Jumpsuit Costume - The Little Mermaid

Adult Ursula Jumpsuit Costume – “The Little Mermaid”

“The Little Mermaid” hit theaters earlier this summer, and this throwback costume pays homage to one of Disney’s most iconic villains of all time. To be fair, Ursula would be an amazing costume any time for Halloween, regardless of whether a live-action remake just came out.

Most anticipated Spirit Halloween kids costumes

Best Toddler Bluey Costume

Toddler Bluey Costume

If you have a toddler, they probably already asked to be Bluey this year. The Australian blue heeler from the Disney+ series has a special place in our hearts (maybe because she stars in a kids show that doesn’t drive adults bananas). Bluey is going to be a big one among the trick-or-treating crowd this year.

Best Toddler Ariel Costume - The Little Mermaid

Toddler Ariel Costume – “The Little Mermaid”

If your little one couldn’t get enough of Halle Bailey as “The Little Mermaid,” this is the costume for them. Whether they love the live-action remake or the original cartoon, Ariel is always a good choice on Halloween. This bell-bottomed version captures fishtail energy without hindering the ability to walk. Genius.

Best Toddler Chucky Costume - Child's Play

Toddler Chucky Costume – “Child’s Play”

This one’s a little out of left field, we have to admit. But if you have a tiny horror fan on your hands, well, here’s a toddler Chucky costume. Maybe wait til they’re a little older to let them watch “Child’s Play.”

Most anticipated Spirit Halloween pets costumes

Best Wednesday Addams Pet Costume - The Addams Family

Wednesday Addams Pet Costume – “The Addams Family”

Pets don’t get left out on Halloween. Dress up your pooch in pop culture style with this adorable Wednesday ‘fit that’s for the dogs — braided wig included.

Best Pennywise Pet Costume

Pennywise Pet Costume

If you want your pooch to be the scariest one on the block — even if he’s actually the scared one — this Pennywise costume is sure to do the trick. Just keep him away from gutters and red balloons. 

Best Ghost Face Pet Costume

Ghost Face Pet Costume

The “Scream” movie franchise is still going strong, and thank goodness, because this Ghostface pet costume is adorably scary with its lifted mask revealing that your pet is actually the terrifying killer. Talk about a plot twist.

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