Which Cabbage Patch dolls are best?

Cabbage Patch Kids are kids and babies of all sizes, shapes and colors that are born in a secret cabbage patch. Cabbage Patch Kids live and play in BabyLand General until someone adopts them and takes them home, because everybody should have a family to love. 

Cabbage Patch doll kids and babies come in many sizes and color combinations, each with a separate adoption fee. Each of these little ones is looking for someone to love, just like you. If you are looking for an old school Cabbage Patch doll, take a look at the Retro Style Cabbage Patch doll Kid with Yarn Hair.

What to know before you buy a Cabbage Patch doll

Cabbage Patch Kids 

Most of these Cabbage Patch doll dolls are in the range of 9-16 inches tall. All have vinyl heads. Some of them have bodies made of the same vinyl, and others have soft sculpted bodies. The larger models come with a birth certificate, adoption papers and removable clothing, while the smaller ones do not. Some of the more expensive Toy Cabbage Patch doll Kids give you the opportunity to choose your new baby’s name and even select the doll’s birthdate. 

Cabbage Patch Cuties

This line of Cabbage Patch doll bunny babies has grown to include a bunnybee, duck, elephant, hippo, puppy, kitty, pig, penguin, and even a flamingo and a unicorn. Cuties are 9 inches tall and made of vinyl. Most are dressed in hooded onesies made of soft plush fabrics.


Cabbage Patch doll sells clothing of all colors, patterns, fabrics and descriptions. Each is available in sizes to fit the entire lineup of Cabbage Patch doll dolls from the smallest to the largest.

What to look for in a quality Cabbage Patch doll

The adoption process begins with deciding just what features you want in a Cabbage Patch doll. Here is how the company lists the Cabbage Patch doll categories.


This is a great place to start. Cabbage Patch dolls come in nine different sizes. The smallest Cabbage Patch dolls are 9 inches long and range upward to 22 inches long. Smaller children generally prefer smaller dolls, but that is not always the case. 

Eye color

Choose the eye color you would like your Cabbage Patch doll to have. Select blue, green, brown, violet, brown or almond.

Hair color

Here you have six choices. Choose a Cabbage Patch doll with black, brown, blond or red hair and something called unique. You can even choose a bald-headed doll. 

Skin tone

Cabbage Patch doll dolls have three choices of skin tone: light, medium and dark.

How much you can expect to spend on a Cabbage Patch doll

You can find many hard plastic Cabbage Patch dolls from $15-$25 or so. Sets go for a bit more than that, and soft sculpture and specialty uu dolls cost as much as $200.

Cabbage Patch doll FAQ

What made Cabbage Patch dolls so popular?

A. Cabbage Patch dolls were the first to introduce the idea of “adopting” babies and kids instead of buying toys. Also, the Cabbage Patch people called their creations babies and kids, making them seem more real than dolls.

What was the Cabbage Patch frenzy?

A. In the Christmas shopping season of 1983, Cabbage Patch sold three million dolls, causing a shortage in stores. It was the viral sensation of its time. Television and newspapers carried stories of people fighting over Cabbage Patch dolls across the United States.  

What are my old Cabbage Patch doll dolls worth?

A. Lots of Cabbage Patch doll dolls that are in good condition sell for $20-$40. Dolls that have been kept in their original packaging and never been played with are always worth more than dolls that have been used. Scarcity and rarity drive the prices up to hundreds of dollars for some and thousands of dollars for the rarest. 

What’s the best Cabbage Patch doll to buy?

Top Cabbage Patch doll

Retro Style Cabbage Patch doll Kid with Yarn Hair

Retro Style Cabbage Patch doll Kid with Yarn Hair

What you need to know: This doll is a modern update of the first Cabbage Patch doll Kid with yellow yarn for hair and a favorite of kids 3 and older. 

What you’ll love: This blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl in a party dress has a plastic head, plush body, yarn for hair and a pleasing baby powder scent. This Cabbage Patch doll comes with a dress, shoes and accessories that are removable. Also included are this doll’s birth certificate and adoption papers for you to sign.

What you should consider: Don’t lose your adoption papers because there are no replacements.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Cabbage Patch doll for the money

Cabbage Patch doll Kids Cutietown Zoo Friends 4 Figure Pack

Cabbage Patch doll Kids Cutietown Zoo Friends 4 Figure Pack

What you need to know: Grow your Cabbage Patch with a lion, monkey, giraffe and elk doll.

What you’ll love: This is the first of a series of Cutietown dolls, each with its own individual name and number for added collectibility. The dolls are made of hard plastic and are 9 inches tall. Costumes and suits are also made of molded plastic painted in bright colors.

What you should consider: They say one of a kind, but these are budget-priced, mass-produced dolls.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Splash n’ Float

Cabbage Patch Kids Deluxe Splash n’ Float

What you need to know: This bald-headed, brown-eyed tiny newborn baby goes swimming with you in the pool or tub.

What you’ll love: This is not your typical Cabbage Patch doll. She has a colorful and removable swimsuit and flower-shaped sunglasses. What makes her so much fun is her pool toy. Baby Splash n’ Float is floating on an inflatable pink flamingo that fills and drains through a small valve. This 9 inch Cabbage Patch doll has the traditional baby powder scent and comes with a birth announcement too.

What you should consider: Be careful with the valve to help reduce the chance of leakage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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