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The River Music Experience (RME) is a nonprofit performing arts center dedicated to preserving and building on the Quad Cities’ musical heritage by creating a wide range of opportunities for our residents and visitors to listen, learn, and play music.

The purpose of the RME is to provide educational programming and live music performances that would not otherwise by available in the Quad Cities. There is no other organization in the area that consistently provides the volume and quality of musical opportunities that the RME delivers to our community and the region.

Since the RME’s inception, dozens of top-tier national acts who had previously never toured through the area have played in the Quad Cities. Unique educational programs that never existed are now available to our residents, guests, and visitors. Musicians young and old have performed for a wide range of audiences on RME stages and have grown as musicians and citizens of our community.

The impact of the RME on the Quad Cities community and the region is immeasurable, though absolutely tangible and profound. Throughout its growth and myriad changes, the RME has focused consistently on learning and sharing meaningful music together, enriching the lives of those within its unique community.



The River Music Experience is a nonprofit that exists to provide our residents and visitors opportunities to experience America’s music, most especially the music of the Mississippi River, through live music and programs designed to nurture, educate and inspire musicians and music appreciators.


Educational Programs

Fun, educational and top shelf programming is always on tap at River Music Experience. We have workshops, classes, and private lessons for every interest, age, and skill level, covering a variety of different music genres. We also offer financial assistance to encourage furtherance of education.

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The Redstone Room

The Redstone Room is a state of the art, 300+ plus capacity live music venue located on the 2nd floor of the River Music Experience. Digital sound and multiple projection screens put you right on stage with world class performers.

Located on the second floor of the nonprofit River Music Experience (RME), the Redstone Room is a premier, 300+ capacity intimate music venue showcasing the best national, regional, and local musical acts. With a full-service bar, patrons experience a unique musical experience running the entire gamut of musical genres from blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass and more. We are also proud owners of one of the most advanced sound and lights systems in the Midwest.

As a component of the River Music Experience, the Redstone Room is a nonprofit venue. Every dollar spent and earned here goes straight in to our RME children’s music education classes, as well as funding for future bands and the dozens of community music programs we provide on a daily basis. Established in April, 2006, the Redstone Room is an integral component of the River Music Experience’s nonprofit mission to present a diverse one-of-a-kind urban entertainment experience that celebrates American music and the role the Mississippi River played in its proliferation across the country. With the Redstone Room, the RME provides and promotes a prolific live music scene in the Quad Cities and enriches the lives of its residents and visitors.

All performances are General Admission, unless otherwise noted. Purchasing a ticket does NOT guarantee a seat. Seating is limited and is available on a first come; first served basis. Limited reserved tables are available to all patrons and half-priced reserved tables are available to Friends of RME.

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