CHICAGO — Imagine dunking over a 7-foot center on the first attempt and still somehow lose the dunking contest at NBA All-Star weekend. That is exactly what happened to Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon. After scoring four, 50-points, in a row, Gordon was snubbed, yet again.

“It’s a wrap,” Gordon said following the controversial ending to the dunking competition. “I
feel like I should have two trophies, you know what I mean? It’s over for that. My next goal is going to be trying to win the 3-Point Contest.”

Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. wowed the crowd at the United Center with various dunks, ranging from dunking over people, such as Chance the Rapper, or attempting to dunk from the free throw line. Jones led Gordon narrowly, and it came down to Gordon attempting to dunk over 7-foot, Tacko Fall.

“I wanted to jump over Shaq,” Gordon said. “He didn’t want to do it. It was really for the
people. Everybody was like “Tacko! Tacko!” I was like, cool, man, let’s do it. “

Fall admitted he was scared because the two did not rehearse this unexpected collabo ahead of time. Nevertheless, he went with it. But, it wasn’t enough for Gordon to win the competition.

“Jumping over somebody 7’5” and dunking is no easy feat. What did I get, like a 47?
Come on man. What are we doing?,” Gordon said.

It is worth mentioning that Gordon did not fully clear Fall’s head while attempting to dunk over him. Derrick Jones Jr., who not only was celebrating his birthday, but also a victory in Saturday’s dunking competition, pointed that out to the media post game.

“He clipped Tacko’s head when he did that dunk,” Jones said. “So I knew they couldn’t have gave him a 50 for that one. I would have respected it if they gave him another 48, so we can go again.”

Unfortunately for basketball fans, they saw the last of Aaron Gordon in the All-Star dunking competition.