Assumption running back Angelo Jackson is off to fast start in his junior season. He’s rushed for the second most yards on the team and owns the most touchdowns with four.

“I just use what I’ve been taught. What I’ve been trained. Run fast. Run hard,” Jackson said. C”oach Keene. All the running back coaches just emphasize hit the hole, hit it hard. My dad who also played division one and taught me a few things like keep your head up. Stay low. All important things like that.”

“He’s a really fast guy and really good player. Explosive,” sophomore running back Derrick Bass said. “He takes coaching well. He listens well. If he’s doing something wrong, I’ll tell him and he’ll fix it and vice versa.”

Jackson’s production has caught the attention of division one schools like north Dakota state and Iowa state where he’ll be having official visits.

“It’s nice that they’ve reached out and invited me to go to their games. Shown interest,” Jackson said. “Once Friday nights game though, I’m just getting my team ready to win. What comes after is what happens.”

How does Jackson keep the success in the backfield going? Just keep running the rock.

“Just trust the process. Trust what the coaches are telling me,” Jackson said. “Trust my teammates for sure. When Friday night comes, you just have to put it all out there. I’m really just trying to play the best I can. If not be better than last year. That’s improvement so far. That’s what I want to do so throughout the season it’s my focus.

He’s a leader for people his age and maybe even some of the seniors,” Bass said. “As a sophomore last year, he had to step in that role and learn from the great above me which I’m learning from so he’s heard a lot of good stuff. Lots of different knowledge from different guys.”