Augustana football averaged just under 229 yards per game last season..

The Goal is go even higher this year. Three of the four Vikings top receivers are back, including leading receiver Bobby Inserra, who averaged just under 89 yards per game.

After a 5-5 record in 2022, a more efficient passing game can help the Vikings produce more wins.

“Having everyone back and the experience is the big thing. Hopefully we can turn 230 in to 260 a game and just build off what we did last year,” quarterback Cole Bhardwaj said. “That with the experience should result in more wins.

“We’ve built so much chemistry over the years and now that we have everyone back again, it’s just even better. Training camp was a lot easier because we didn’t start from block one,” Inserra said. We were already four years, five years deep. Everyone knows each other well. This is a team of brothers. Were just able to build that chemistry even more everyday.

“We’ve even added in a freshman this year in Braden Smith. That now makes four kids in the mix who are really explosive which is the first time I’ve felt since I’ve been here that really are one touch away from a touchdown,” head coach Steve Hill said. “That’s exciting and having a quarterback who can distribute the ball is very helpful. “

Augie opens the season at Simpson on September 2nd.