Bettendorf boys basketball is finding their shot. After Tuesday’s win over Pleasant Valley, the Bulldogs have won four in a row and are second in the MAC.

We just started to focus more and respect our opponent more like P.V. is a really good team,” forward Asher Wade said. “At the beginning of the year, I would say we weren’t more locked in. Now we are locked in and now overall we just play better as a team.

“We’re just building our confidence and finding our consistency,” head coach Curtis Clark said. “It’s something we’ve been able to show against certain teams then certain games. Certain quarters. We were just not as consistent.”

Helping the Bulldogs find that consistency is junior Caden Wilkens. The forward is second in the MAC in points with 19.1 per game and first in rebounds with 10.3 a game.

My teammates have a lot of faith in me. My coaches have a lot of faith in me. They’ve put in situations where I can score the ball,” Wilkens said. “Rebounding has just been a evolution for me getting taller and more athletic. Being able to get those rebounds as well as being tall. The scoring my teammates have been able to find me there and I just have to make shots and kept doing what everyone expects me to do.”

“He knows what to say and how to pick up the team,” Wade said. “He knows how to encourage and make sure were all ready and locked in at the beginning of the game.”

The Bulldogs will continue to use that one game at a time mindset for the next three weeks and carry their momentum into the postseason.

If we bring it in practice and bring it in prep for the next team. Everyday just focus on that one team,” Wilkens said. “Not get ahead of ourselves than the rest will take care of itself.”

Play together well. Share the ball well,” Wade said. “We don’t get selfish with the ball. We aren’t just obsessed with shooting our own shot. We want to give everyone points.”