Black Hawk college women’s basketball coming off back-to-back 22 win seasons as Arrowhead Conference champions.

They’ll be tested early on in the non-conference schedule going up against eight national ranked opponents.

What will help the Braves is having their three leading scorers back from last season.

“We all have really good chemistry together and coach Frye does a great job of that, sophomore guard Liz Fish said. “He keeps the morale really high. We all work really really hard in the gym and we want to be better everyday too. One thing is our energy hitting the court. That’s really one thing we’ve lacked from the beginning of the season is our energy and it showed that’s going to hurt us in the long run so going out there with high energy. High intensity. We’ll be good to go.”

“Just taking each other in accountability,” freshman guard Aniah Smith said. “Making sure we’re pushing each other because at the end of the day, it’s going to make us better as a team as a player and ourselves.”

“This is the third year we have our coaching staff together so it starts at the top with our coaching staff holding our kids accountable,” coach Frye said. “Recruiting kids that will fit our style of play. The culture we have here. That’s been the key and it’s helped us sustain our consistency.”

On the men’s side, it’s a different story. Gone our all four double-digit leading scorers from last season and with a young team, it’s all about pushing the pace.

We love to compete. Like right now you can see it,” freshman guard Jermaine Gardner said. “Everyday we come in locked in ready to compete. Coach loves it. That energy. We’re an energetic team.”

“Our ability to play with the ball in our hands,” head coach Kannon Burrage said. “I think we really have a few guys who can make plays for themselves and others. I think that’s one of our main strengths.

Both teams will hit the home court for the first time Tuesday against Morton.