Boyer engineers “The Drive” sending Monmouth to the NCAA Tournament

College Sports

Freshman quarterback Carter Boyer led the Fighting Scots on a 5-play 89 yard drive in less than one minute, resulting in a game-winning touchdown pass to claim the conference title.

“Going into that final drive that’s the point to win the game,” said Boyer, who was thrust into game action after starting quarterback . “I’m kind of speechless right now. That was the point of the game just go out there and win it. That was awesome our seniors weren’t ready to give up and no one else was either it was just awesome to keep all that fight in.

“It’s just a tribute to our kids they never quit they just keep fighting,” said head coach Chad Braun. “If you do that in life you’re always going to be successful and that’s what they did today.”

“I told everyone all week and pretty much all year the first game when it was 34-14, its not going to happen again, it’s just not,” said senior linebacker Clark Gaden. “It’s gonna be who’s going to man up and who’s going to want it more. I thought we played very good today and like I said it’s going to be whoever wanted it more and today we wanted it more.”

This is Monmouth’s third conference title in five years.

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