The University of Iowa announced Wednesday that the Kid Captains will help choose what plays during the Hawkeye Wave at the end of the first quarter of each home football game.

The Hawkeyes announced in April that fans would choose the new song, but Iowa officials said the public preferred that a set of very specific fans make the picks: former or current patients at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

The university decided that the Kid Captains would be the best way to do that.

“The interest and passion for the Hawkeye Wave cannot be overstated, and the selflessness of the Hawkeye community proved once again why the Wave is the greatest tradition in college sports,” said Peter Matthes, vice president for external relations and senior advisor to the president. “The response for a new song was incredible, and one suggestion we continued to hear was, ‘Let the kids decide.’ So that is exactly what we will do.”

Since suggested by Krista Young in 2017, the Hawkeye Wave has evolved into what is now often called “the best tradition in sports.”

The 12th floor window was built to overlook the stadium and give patients and their families a unique experience on game days at what U.S. News & World Report calls one of the nation’s “Best Children’s Hospitals.”

Pat Green’s song, “Wave on Wave,” has been the backing track in recent years, but the first wave started simply, with no soundtrack:

The Kid Captain program began in 2009 to honor patients at the children’s hospital.

The first chance to experience the Hawkeye Wave with a new song chosen by the Kid Captain will be against South Dakota State on September 3.