Three Hawkeyes were at Davenport West on Saturday afternoon for a free youth football camp.

200 kids from 1st through 8th grades got to learn the fundamentals from Big Ten players and teamed up with them for some 7-on-7 play.

Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras talked about how special it is to give back.

“I would do every camp I could when I was growing up,” Petras said. “This is the fun stuff in the summer ’cause you know it’s not a lot of organized sports going on right now. It’s the break between the school year before soccer, baseball or whatever football starts up, so it’s good for the kids to get out here get some exercise and have some fun.”

Iowa cornerback Reggie Bracy also remembered when he had a chance to participate in camps.

“When I was reached out to with this opportunity I found myself having flashbacks,” Bracy said. “I was doing things like this when I was their age. I can remember going to camps every weekend bugging my mom to come to camp, so me and [Iowa running back] Leshon Williams got a little battle going on — just to bring some excitement in these kids lives, having fun with them. I got to play with the little kids they don’t even know what football is but I’m just glad we’re out here having a good time.”

Williams loves what the campers bring to the field.

“The kids, you know, they bring a lot of joy, a lot of energy,” Williams said. “I remember them days and I could just wake up and just not have to stretch and just run around, so it’s bringing back a lot of good times and I’m just happy to be out here giving these kids the opportunity and just making their day better.”