Former Cubs pitcher Turk Wendell holds pitching clinic in the QC


Wendell, a 12-year MLB pitcher, held a free pitching clinic at Genesis Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. 

Wendell, widely known for his supersitious quirks, pitched for 4 MLB teams fmo 1993-2004. He played for the Cubs from 1993-1997. 

“It’s important to give back and teach kids what it takes to get to the big leagues both physically, mentally, and the work ethic that you have to have, not just to get there, but to stay there and maintain that level of play and consistency for, you know I was fortunate enough to play 12 years in the major leagues,” Wendell said.  

“And not one day did I take that for granted. I thought it was an unbelievable honor to put on a major league uniform every day.”

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