This season’s had plenty of ups and downs. Season ending injuries and mid-season coaching firings have been major obstacles for the Hawkeyes. But they’re now 7-2, and the final quarter of the season serves as an opportunity to achieve their goals.

“The conversation in the building is a lot different than the conversation outside the building,” Jay Higgins said. “We’re definitely aware of what we have. I’ve been here four years, 7-2 — that’s a good Iowa football team to me.”

“I think highly of Brian,” Kaleb Brown said of offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz’s dismissal. “This is real-life things, it’s tough to see the way social media handles it.”

“Something happens and you’ve just to move on and work to the next thing.” Gennings Dunker said.

“Coach [Ferentz] has talked about that a lot in the team meeting,” Cooper DeJean said. “He’s also talked about taking it one week at a time. November’s a really important month for us, that’s when everything’s decided.”

“We’re not good enough at anything to take our eye off the target and that’s really been the message,” head coach Kirk Ferentz said. “We need to worry about doing everything to get ready for Rutgers because we’re going to have our hands full.”

The path to clinching the division isn’t necessarily a cake-walk. Iowa hosts 6-3 Rutgers this upcoming Saturday, followed by two foes Iowa fell to last season (Illinois and Nebraska). But in spite of all that’s gone wrong this season, Iowa’s goals still remain out in front of them.

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