A college football fan on a mission to visit all 130 stadiums comes to Kinnick

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A Badger is crossing the nation with a particular destination in mind. 

How the home team and town does college football is the adventure Andrew Bauhs is on. 

College Football Tour Andrew Bauhs said, “So far I’ve been to 76 of the 130 of the college stadium all across the country. Just got back from Honolulu from the Arizona-Hawai’i, which was fantastic.”

This native Wisconsinite. 

Bauhs said, “Sorry Hawkeye fans, but I did grow up a Badger fan.” 

It was his childhood experiences at Camp Randall Stadium he said is where he fell in love with the game but also the atmosphere.

Bauhs said, “It woke me up to the traditions and culture of college football. I started to go to games on the road and I began realizing how great all the cultures are of all the stadiums, everywhere I go.”

The College Football Tour sees Andrew immerse himself in what makes each stadium’s game day a one of a kind experience.

Bauhs said, “I want to focus on Nile Kinnick and a little about the history of him. Definitely, the Iowa Wave.”

He added, “I’m going to talk about the swarm when the Iowa Hawkeyes come out of the tunnel. Those kinds of things. The little nuances. The victory polka.”

That has led to some sights that are hard to forget.

Bauhs said, “The Midnight Yell Practice at Texas A&M is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t believe how many fans gather around at Midnight. Literally midnight, to just yell and scream.”

It’s also the fan making him feel at home. 

Bill Huxford, who helps host a tailgate, said, “Tell you what. Thank you because at our tailgate, we want to make everyone feel at home.”

And what he discovers he shares with fans online and in his fifth-grade class. 

Bauhs said, “They like hearing that I’m going to this school or that school and what was that like.”

Because in the college towns no Saturday is ever alike.

Bauhs said, “It’s those kinds of things that keep making me want to get to the next stadium.”

This was Andrew’s fourth time at Iowa. 

By the end of the football season, he’s hoping to have visited 83 stadiums.

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