Although the COVID-19 pandemic cost the Hawkeyes several games — including their final two of 2020 — it somehow managed to preserve one tradition that had been scheduled to change: The Black Friday matchup with Nebraska.

The Heroes Game in Lincoln was moved from November 6 to November 26 in the modified 2021 football schedule released by the Big Ten conference on Friday.

Originally, Iowa was supposed to play Wisconsin in the final game of 2020 and 2021. Some might say the rescheduling was a legendary display of leadership in an effort to maintain competitive balance for a showcase game that has been one-sided the past six years.

But after the conference went all-Big Ten for its delayed 2020 season, the shuffle left Iowa and Nebraska as dance partners again for the day after Thanksgiving, a game the Hawkeyes won 26-20 in Iowa City.

It seems the powers that be figured there was no need to break the streak at 10, since Iowa-Nebraska was already back on the docket for the 2022 finale and beyond.

Of course, there were other scheduling moves made, but that was the biggest. Here’s what else changed: