I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz spoke to reporters today. And in fairness he took all of the bullets for what’s been an abysmal season for his unit.

“I need to do better,” Ferentz admitted. “The reality is right now the production certainly hasn’t been what we expected, and it’s not meeting our level of expectation, most importantly.”

The quote above was from today. And the bad news for Hawkeyes fans might be that this is eerily similar to something he said in August:

“No one’s happy with how we performed or what we did last season. That’s not the expectation and that’s not what we’re trying to do.”

The Hawkologist was so kind to point out some eye-popping (or eye-gouging, depending on how you look at it) statistics.

But here’s the facts: Brian Ferentz is keeping his job whether fans like it or not. Kirk said as much on Saturday, and Brian knows it.

“I’ve been asked answering questions about nepotism my entire adult life,” Ferentz said. “If you think that I don’t feel an added responsibility — or added pressure to perform well — for my father, you’re crazy. Quite frankly, I don’t worry about what’s going on for my job status or anything like that. My focus is on the staff, the players, and doing my duty to the best of my ability to help them be successful.”

The bread-and-butter argument for Kirk Ferentz over the years has been that the Hawkeyes win games. Or in his words: “‘A lot since 2015.”

But now the Hawkeyes are not winning games. Two extensive streaks over inferior rivals have been snapped, and a unit that was 123rd in total scoring last season somehow got worse.

Brian Ferentz doesn’t have the answer. No seriously, that’s what he said:

“I don’t have great answers right now. We’re in the process of going through those things, but the reality is, yeah, we have to look at doing things differently and changing some things moving forward here. There’s only so many ways to play offensive football. How much can you change? You’re really not changing anything. My answer is we need to do better. We need to do better in practice. We need to have more focus, we need to have more attention to detail. We need to have more of a sense of urgency about making sure that those things that are going to set us back aren’t happening on Saturdays.”

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