The rain started falling prior to the 6:30 p.m. kickoff inside Kinnick Stadium on Saturday and continued through the first half of Iowa-Nevada.

But the action didn’t stop until the third quarter with around five minutes left, when the first of three lightning delays evacuated the stadium.

After each delay, the number of spectators in the stands dwindled. Many left when security told fans and media the game had been canceled.

But it hadn’t been.

Turns out, whatever didn’t kill the game, just made things… stranger.

Fans with tickets started to return. So did some without. Fireworks were set off because they had to by curfew.

Prior to the fourth start of action — complete with another “Back in Black” intro — students began filling the seats behind the Nevada bench, with several of the Hawkeye students toting large bags of popcorn. They indicated the stash was left by the east entrance where there was no security.

Concession stands had closed hours earlier. That may explain the beer some students had in hand — one telling me his was brought from home. A likely story, since one brand as seen on TV isn’t sold at Kinnick Stadium. Students were approached by police and told to vacate to the opposite side or leave the game. The students complied and no incidents were reported.

One of the most notable images from the final quarter of the contest with Iowa up by more than 20 points was a man watching the game from behind the Hawkeye sideline with a dog beside him on a leash.

The University of Iowa contracts security with several outside agencies, including law enforcement, according to Steve Roe, Iowa’s Assistant Athletics Director, Communications.

Iowa ultimately won the game 27-0 over Nevada. The seven-hour game, which started Saturday and ended Sunday, was one likely nobody will forget.

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