Close to 5,000 Hawkeye fans gathered at the Pentacrest in Iowa City to celebrate the women’s basketball team that just wrapped up their national championship run. The mayor of Iowa City, the University’s president and Lisa Bluder had stepped up the podium in front of the Old Capitol. And then, the mic found the national player of the year.

“Let’s go!” Caitlin Clark screamed as loud as she could. And then, an epic rant of emceeing began. She asked her teammates what their favorite memory was from the historic season. She didn’t just pass the mic to Gabbie Marshall, she passed it to “GABBIE MARSHALL BABY! WOO!”

“Well, since I’m from Ohio I would when say when we smacked Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game,” Marshall said, slightly less emphatically, before Clark punctuated it with: “And, we beat them at their place when they were ranked number two in America and hadn’t lost! Woo!”

Caitlin then made her way over to Hannah Stuelke, or as Caitlin screamed, “SIXTH PLAYER OF THE YEAR! SIXTH PLAYER OF THE YEAR! YEAH!”

Then, it was McKenna Warnock’s turn.

“McKenna’s going to be a dentist, I mean come on? Better get on her wait list now. Pay her!” Clark said before handing Warnock the microphone to share her fondest memories.

“Being at the best university in America, having the best fans in America, and the best team in America,” Warnock shared. “Everything. All of the above.”

Caitlin’s question to her law firm partner was simple: What was your favorite part of the journey here?

“Getting to play with so many amazing people, I mean, best point guard in the country,” Monika Czinano said, sending some hype back to Clark. “I played with three Big Ten player of the years throughout my career. I’ve just been blessed with the best friends — best coaching staff I could’ve asked for.”

And Caitlin got serious at the end, thanking the fans for showing up all year long.

“Other than what they said, seriously, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without all of you — we’re very lucky. Somebody told me they were expecting 1,000 people here and I said, ‘You’re wrong.’ You guys didn’t disappoint. You made me right, but seriously, we’re very lucky we get to play in a place that supports women’s basketball.”

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