Last week’s bye was a chance to spend some time away from the game of football.

Key word: Chance. Defensive tackle Logan Lee decided to use his time return to Orion with his wife Tori to catch up with his folks back home and watch some Charger football. He got to see his alma mater demolish Sherrard 53-7.

“It’s always fun to see,” Lee chuckled.

Speaking of spending time with family, team captain Riley Moss returned to his hometown of Ankeny, Iowa to do the same.

“Took my girlfriend to the pumpkin patch, that was fun,” Moss said. “Got some apple cider and hung out with my parents, took my mom out for her birthday.”

Safety Kaevon Merriweather visited Belleville, Michigan and surprised his mom. But the highlight of his weekend may have been seeing his brother, Dion, try to emulate his older sibling.

“I’ve never seen my little brother play a high school football game and I got to see him play for the very first time since since I’ve been in college,” Merriweather said.

And while that put a smile on Merriweather’s face, it grew even wider when talking about returning to his favorite Michigan confectionary.

“I went and got some Coney Island,” Iowa’s team captain beamed. “I haven’t had Coney in I don’t even know how long. It was so good. I went like three times I’m not gonna lie to you it was so good.”

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