Ferentz and the Hawks emphasizing camaraderie amidst challenging spring

Hawkeye Headquarters

This week would have been the fourth week of spring practice for the Iowa football team.

All activities have been canceled for the near future, but Kirk Ferentz gave an update on Wednesday about how the team is staying prepared during these uncertain times.

“You know, obviously we’re missing out on some really quality, practice time, meeting time,” Ferentz said on the Zoom conference. “Can’t quantify how important that is, but that that’s not the reality right now.”

It’s a new normal for the program. No spring practice. No team and player development in Iowa City.

“The Hawkeye championship teams are meeting sharing ideas, concepts, and we’re just encouraging everybody to stay in close contact with each other,” said Ferentz. “We’ll get to the X’s and O’s when that time for, you know, permits.”

Making the best of an unprecedented situation is now the focus due to the coronavirus.

“It gets back to the individuals doing a great job and just realizing they’ve all got a big role in our successes whenever we get back to the field,” Ferentz said.

The lack of together time has forced multiple adjustments, including workouts tailored to the resources of each player.

“Some guys that have racks in their garages. They may only have kettlebells or dumbbells,” Ferentz said. “The other big challenge right now is a place a good place to run or train. Most high school fields, not only the gyms are shut, but the fields are shut off too right now. So yeah, that’s been a challenge.”

Trying to maintain and build team camaraderie from afar has also been a priority.

“Just making sure we don’t lose those relationships that have been you know, are being developed at all times. And that process really began back in January after we had our first meeting with this year’s football team,” Ferentz said.

Ferentz admitted there’s no substitute for the 15 days of spring ball. He said not having practice now will have implications later.

“We’re just gonna have to play catch up whenever we do get back and I think as we move into the season, whenever that season starts and begins,” Ferentz said. “It’s probably fair to say we won’t be as far along this, you know, third week of this season as we would have been in some normal circumstance.”

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