Given the legalization of sports wagering in Iowa, Hawkeyes head football coach Kirk Ferentz and athletic director Gary Barta discuss how it will affect college programs.

“It’s always been an industry,” Ferentz said at Iowa Media Day on August 9. “It’s always been something we’ve got to be cognizant of I think and educate our players on. So I really don’t think the approach changes. I don’t see how it changes at all. Gambling has always been involved, and so there’s just lines of demarcation are pretty clear, and any of us involved in sports, to even think about being involved in that is just a bad deal.”

“We educate, educate, educate,” added Barta. “I would just say…this popped into my head, so pun intended. We’re doubling-down on education. We have to make sure that our student-athletes are reminded at ways that gambling can intervene into your life, so we’re educating our student-athletes. You might know that we have a lot of students that work in our department, we’re making sure that those students understand their responsibility and educating them. Then finally, our coaches and our staff.”

Sports betting in Iowa officially begins Thursday, August 15.