Ferentz on postponed season: “It’s really disappointing for everybody”

Hawkeye Headquarters


After a few days of speculation the Big Ten Conference has put all fall sports they have on hold, including football, for 2020. This of course due to the coronavirus pandemic and concerns for player safety.

The Big Ten did say they’re hoping to postpone football to the spring. However, Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz in a Zoom call today said that he, other coaches and athletic directors have not discussed what spring play would look like at all. Those plans are most likely a ways away from being finalized. Coach Ferentz feels for his players who now may not be able to take the field this year.

“Nobody has worked any harder, nobody has demonstrated more of a committment to making that a reality than those guys,” said Ferentz. “They’ve been here since June 8 and have done a wonderful job in all regards. Because of that it’s really disappointing for everybody. We are all going through a period of disappointment and hurt. It’s extremely frustrating and it’s tough news to hear. Learned of the decision today and now we’ll re-calibrate and adjust and see what we can do moving forward.”

He went on to say he’s told his players to take the next two weeks off and they’ll regroup on the August 25 and reassess what any future workouts will look like. They will be held to 20 hours per week.

The Hawkeyes were one of two teams, along with Nebraska, in the conference who were making a big push to keep the season in place.

Huskers head coach Scott Frost brought up the idea of playing outside the Big Ten, but coach Ferentz said on Tuesday that Iowa will not go against this decision or future decisions made by the Big Ten.

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