Takin’ care of business, it’s a Lisa Bluder thing. Every day, every way. Her Hawkeyes just swoop down and feast on the bottom feeders of women’s basketball.

To the tune of a 54-point win over Rutgers on Sunday, a 45-point beatdown over Penn State a few weeks ago, and a 39-point dismantling of Northwestern in early January. Bluder’s only loss to a team with a losing record was their fourth game of the season, a one-point loss at Kansas State.

These Iowa Hawkeyes don’t play with their food, and won’t play with the 8-18 Badgers on Wednesday night:

“Our team just understands every game is important and every game counts the same,” Bluder said. “I was so happy with the way that we played against Rutgers and the way that we came out really focused.”

“I know my team won’t take them lightly. They’re smart. They understand that one bad loss takes you out of the picture. You just don’t want to have any of those bad losses. I don’t think we’ve had a bad loss and we want to keep it that way.”

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