Tough, smart, physical football. The Iowa Hawkeyes are known for producing many great NFL offensive linemen, but for Alaric Jackson he’s just trying to make his own way into the league.

“As far as the next step for me, it’s not really trying to follow into Wirfs’ steps, trying to keep my own path for the most part. Just do what’s best for me honestly. Not kind of ideal to go to a top team with Tom Brady and a Super Bowl right away, but I hope I do that as well but in my own footsteps,” Alaric Jackson said.

Jackson was able to attend the Senior Bowl, where he got to show off his versatility.

“Just to be around the top guys and be around NFL coaches, and I would say it went pretty well for me overall,” Jackson said. “Moved around a little bit. I didn’t play left tackle — more so guard and right tackle — just trying to show I can do it all honestly. Coaches-wise good feedback with what they were saying. They just want me to be more consistent for the most part. They like how I move, they like my build, they like my weight — I actually put on more weight, they were saying. Pretty good overall.”

Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz believes that Jackson played well last season and he will get his shot in the NFL.

“He did a really nice job last year, he played good football for us,” Ferentz said. “Every possession is important, but playing left tackle is a tough challenge and position. He did a really nice job with that and from what I can tell watching today I think he really helped himself as he looks forward to the draft and a lot of guys hope they can play in the NFL and I think he gets that opportunity. I think that’s a given.”

Jackson is no longer a vegan as the offensive linemen gained weight after the 2020 football season ended. Alaric is trying to become the 6th offensive lineman taken in the NFL Draft from Iowa since 2015.

The former Hawkeye started 42 games at left tackle and was named first team Big Ten this past season. The NFL Draft starts on April 29.