Former Hawkeye Daviyon Nixon wants to show the same production in the NFL

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Trust the process. That’s what Daviyon Nixon did at Iowa. The defensive lineman had to wait his turn to play for the Hawkeyes, but when his chance came he made the most of it.

“There has never been a doubt in my mind about my athletic ability, about my play style and how I can make a change on a team and make a team different and better. And really just staying the course and just waiting on my turn. We had some great guys in front of me in Cedrick Lattimore and Sam Brincks. Just waiting my turn basically and when it was my time to shine just got out and do what I need to do,” said former Iowa defensive lineman Daviyon Nixon.

Defensive line coach Kelvin Bell believed in Nixon’s abilities and knew he could be a special player.

“I don’t know if he remembers it, but I remember a conversation where I asked him — would have been late January or February of 2020 — I said, ‘Who in our defensive line room had the ability to be the Big Ten defensive player of the year?’ And it was a rhetorical question because I knew who it was, but he was like, ‘Eh, huh, I don’t know.’ Well, I thought it was him. He had the potential to be as good, as disruptive, as dominant as he wanted,” said Hawkeyes defensive line coach Kelvin Bell.

Nixon did win the Big Ten defensive player of the year along with becoming an All-American. Now Daviyon wants to show that production in the NFL.

“Yeah, I feel like the 2020 season was really good for me. Really big, especially for me and this organization. With the numbers that I have out there — you know, just in-game football-wise, I wasn’t really shooting for any numbers, just kind of playing to win. So, if I’m able to go out in the NFL next year and produce those same numbers — probably even bigger numbers — that would be great for me,” Nixon said.

Although Nixon had a great season, some NFL scouts still have questions.

“A lot of coaches are telling me that film-wise just being more consistent throughout my film and things like that. Other than that, a lot of coaches told me that they like me, they like my playing style, how I move, how I carry myself, my character,” Nixon said.

Daviyon does have one team in mind on who he would like to draft him.

“I grew up in Illinois — in Lake County, Illinois. So, I’ve always been a Chicago Bears fan. Growing up there you always want to play for your hometown. Growing up in Illinois, it’s like a dream to play for the Chicago Bears. But if not, whatever team deems me necessary. Like I’ve said before, I’m more than willing to play for any team in the league,” said Nixon.

Daviyon is hoping to hear his name during the first two days of the NFL Draft, which starts on Thursday.

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