Electrifying. That’s the word you can describe Ihmir Smith-Marsette’s career at Iowa, the receiver can do it all but in the NFL Smith-Marsette believes he has to make an immediate impact as a returner.

“Right now, starting off I think I’ll be a special team’s guy, returner. Whether that’s punt, kickoff return. I fit into that role, I feel like that will be my first role given at the next level, well not given but earned at the next level. Then you know potentially working into the offense whether it’s gadget plays, even becoming a number 2, number 1 receiver but I know for sure I am starting off in a special team’s role, then I’m working my way into the offense” said Smith-Marsette.

The former Hawkeye has had his ups and his downs at Iowa. After a Hawkeyes loss to Northwestern this past November, Ihmir was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Something the receiver believes he’s grown from.

“The deal mid-season I come out before they even have a chance to ask me. I try to tell them first and foremost. That’s not a display of who I am, not something I want to be a role model to. People who look up to me. I just let them know, that’s not who I am, I made a poor choice, a poor decision. It’s a mistake and I talked to a lot of people about it and I was able to bounce back from it. Try not to get on my own head about it and I just prevailed through the whole season” Smith-Marsette said.

After the Wisconsin game, Ihmir Smith Marsette had to deal with an Ankle injury but the receiver says it healed in time to post some good pro day numbers.

“I ran well, my time on the laser was a 4.43, I wanted to run like a 4.39 but I’m take the 4.43” said Ihmir.

Although the Hawkeyes have had success getting players into the NFL, they haven’t been quite as lucky with the wide receiver position. Since 2013, Iowa has had 0 receivers selected in the NFL draft and since 2003 they’ve only had 1. Ihmir Smith Marsette believes that’s going to change this year.

“This makes the year of the wide receiver simply because the stuff we’ve done on the field it can be brought to the games on Sundays. Brandon making incredible insane catches, me getting deep down the field and getting open so. I mean it’s just all the stuff that’s been done on Saturday’s that can be done on Sunday’s too” said Smith-Marsette.

Hawkeyes Head Coach Kirk Ferentz believes that Ihmir just needs an opportunity, the NFL draft starts on April 29th.