Hawkeye Captain Chauncey Golston is ready to show his versatility, and football IQ in the NFL

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The model Iowa football player that’s what defensive lineman Chauncey Golston was for the Hawkeyes. Now the captain is trying to show his versatility and football IQ for the NFL Draft.

“Never want to be a one trick pony. And I’ve showed that I can play every spot on the line and coaches, and I also showed that I have a high football IQ so when coaches want to talk about football. They are like oh he knows this terminology and stuff like that plus stuff like that and the film shows that I can perform at multiple positions at a high level. So, versatility is everything. And being able to fit in multiple different schemes is what you want to do especially when you are interviewing for 32 different schemes” said Chauncey Golston.

Golston wasn’t heavily recruited out of high school, but defensive line coach Kelvin Bell believed in Chauncey’s motor.

“You know Chauncey had one Big 10 offer that was us but what you can’t blank on which you don’t know about and what you are always betting on is that kids drive and that kids hunger to improve and that kids drive and that kids hunger to get better. When we talk about the ideal Iowa football player that’s when Chauncey fits that mold” said Iowa defensive line coach Kelvin Bell.

“I am really appreciative of those guys and coach Bell for coming to East English Village in the spring and seeing a skinny guy workout and offer me a scholarship. Like I am really appreciative of that” Golston said.

Coach Bell believes that Golston has improved not only on the field but off as well.

“He’s just gotten better, and I am not talking about just with production on the field. So, many fans are like well you look at the stats and see he’s gotten better. I’m not talking about that I’m talking about day-to-day interaction, leadership, accountability, academically. I mean the kid has improved in every facet that we deem important. And he is going to be missed and I mean he is going to be missed” said Bell.

Chauncey attended the Senior Bowl where he was able to show off his versatility and wiliness to learn.

“Experiences especially getting coached by NFL guys like NFL coaches at a position that I didn’t know. It is also showing that I didn’t have versatility and I’m not scared to look stupid in front anybody trying to get someone better and improve on my craft” said Golston.

Golston has such a good reputation at Iowa that NFL coaches start to question if he’s perfect.

“Teams do talk to coaches and they do come talk to me and they are like are you just the perfect guy or something? Are you an Angel? Because I don’t do anything bad. Coaches don’t have anything dirt or anything like that cause that’s not the type of person I am” said Golston.

Chauncey tells us he was able to speak to every NFL team and that he is just enjoying the process.

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