Hawkeye Elvis on the rare experience to watch Iowa basketball in-person

Hawkeye Headquarters


No, he’s not the actual King of Rock, but you could argue he’s the King of Hawk.

Greg Suckow, better known as Hawkeye Elivs, over the years has become a staple of Iowa sporting events with his flair, enthusiasm, and love of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“Growing up an Iowa fan and Elvis fan, one year at an Iowa game on Halloween everyone had these great Hawkeye theme costumes,” said Suckow. “So I went back to my mom’s house and said, ‘Can you make me an Elvis jumpsuit with black and gold Tigerhawks?’ and she said, ‘Sure.’ So, she made me the jumpsuit.”

As the years went on, Hawkeye Elvis would make more appearances due to fan request.

“When I wouldn’t dress up people would say, ‘Hey, we need Elvis. Where is he at?’ It’s grown from there.”

Luckily for Hawkeye Elvis he’s been one of the few fans to see the basketball team play in-person this season, including when Luka Garza broke the all-time program scoring record.

“That was a lot of fun,” said Suckow. “It was great to see them in person. It was weird. I’ve been to plenty of gyms on the weekend for my kids when they were younger in quiet gyms playing basketball and that’s what it was like in there.”

Though Hawkeye Elvis understands the necessity for the precautions.

“The University of Iowa has a done a very, very good job on how they’ve handled this,” said Suckow. “They’ve allowed a small number of family and friends to get to come in. There’s a mask mandate, you wear a mask the whole time, you get your temperature checked when you walk in the door, and you sit in the seat you’re given and there isn’t a lot of walking around.”

Hopefully it won’t be long before we see Carver-Hawkeye full of fans with Hawkeye Elvis leading the charge.

“It’s going to be amazing,” said Suckow. “In addition to have those student-athletes having someone in the stands cheering for them live and drawing that energy, just being able to see and be around everyone is going to be neat for me.”

The University of Iowa is rumored to be allowing fans back in attendance for the 2021 football season, although the specifics are still being worked out according to 247Sports’ David Eickholt.

A lot can change between now and then, but that news should bring optimism to Iowa fans who want to be back in Carver-Hawkeye Arena to watch Hawkeye basketball next winter.

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