There’s a lot to celebrate for the newly ranked B1G Ten West winners. So now what is on the top of Hawkeye fans Christmas list? For the Hawkeyes to take home the championship.

Minnesota beat Wisconsin 23 to 13 on Saturday, which means the Hawkeyes are in the championship.

“I had a store full of people rooting on Minnesota,” said Black and Gold store manager Karla Anderson.

“We’ve had lots of people come in that are heading to Indianapolis to get new attire to wear to that game,” said Anderson.

And now fans are gearing up to go cheer on the Hawkeyes. In preparation for the big game, the Black and Gold store in Davenport has released seven B1G Ten tournament shirts just for this highly anticipated yet unexpected game.

“A lot of them are very surprised that we ended up here, because we started out our season really good and then we had a couple stumbling blocks and stuff. So we’ve made it up by winning,” said Anderson

It’s a win fans everywhere hope will take the Hawkeyes to the final championship.

“It’s just all leading up, though. So we will know this weekend or Saturday night whether we go to the Rose Bowl or another,” said Anderson.