Hawkeyes ace and former Assumption Knight Trenton Wallace is proving to be one of the best pitchers in the Big Ten

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Hawkeyes ace Trenton Wallace has been dominant on the mound this season. Trenton currently leads the Big Ten with 80 strikeouts and is second in the conference in ERA. A key for Wallace’s success this year is focusing on his catcher and not the batters.

“It’s definitely a rush at times,” Wallace said. “Obviously, I get very pumped up before the game. I try to calm myself down, I try to get myself time before I head out to the mound to get relaxed and get the heart rate down and take the field. For me, this year as the focus I really focus on our catcher. As soon as he gives the signs I kind of tune out and I pitch like there is not even a batter in the box and I just trust the way I can pitch is going to get the job done and I trust my defense behind me.”

Before going to Iowa, Trenton went to Assumption High School, where the coaching staff helped him learn how to control his competitive fire.

“Coach Argo and Coach Thissen did an awesome job when I was there of kind of creating me and making me into the person I am today on and off the field,” Wallace said. “They helped me control those emotions in high school as well and they knew I was a competitive kid back then as well. When I can be really fiery at times it can kind of hurt me and they knew that they were able to help me remain calm at times and that’s what kind of helped me progress and when I got to college it was the same way.”

It was easy for Trenton to fall in love with the game of baseball as his father Greg has been the head coach of Augustana College for the past 24 years.

“Obviously, I was around the team at such a young age that I just picked it up right away. I think I was the bat boy from when I was 5 years old probably till I was 11 and being around college baseball that early. You see how fun it is. It’s more like a family at that level and that’s what you want to be a part of,” said Trenton.

“He’s enjoyed the game for a lifetime obviously and being around our guys really helped progress his baseball IQ. It was always nice to come home after games and have him ask questions like, ‘Why did you do that?’ or ‘What was that situation like, could you have done something different?’ and he was always intrigued by the game,” said Greg Wallace.

Greg Wallace has enjoyed watching his son develop at Iowa and seeing him pitch every Friday night.

“It’s been a joy to just watch his progression over the years at Iowa. I think he’s really put in the work to be the Friday night guy for them, and I just tell him to go out there and have fun. Enjoy the game, keep doing what you do and be you all the time and I think he’s really stuck to that this year,” said Greg Wallace.

Although the MLB draft is two months away, Wallace’s only concern is helping his team win.

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