Hawkeyes coaches Ferentz, Bluder, Brands visit the Quad Cities

Hawkeye Headquarters

With a black-and-gold rig being raffled off, you know there must be something important going on here at the Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf. 

It’s the National I-Club tour with some of the Hawkeyes coaches in attendance. Tom Brands, Lisa Bluder and Kirk Ferentz have combined for more than 50 years of tenure at Iowa, so they must have some stories from coming to the Quad Cities throughout their careers.

Kirk Ferentz, Iowa football coach: “Oh boy, I remember coming to a Quarterback Club Christmas party. I don’t know what year it would have been. I think it was one of the years we went to the Rose Bowl, ’81 or ’85. I do remember that. Yeah, I was in and out of here. I had a good friend that managed one of the HyVees in Bettendorf, or here in the Quad Cities. So yeah, I spent some time here certainly.”

Lisa Bluder, Iowa women’s basketball coach: “My favorite memories all revolve around St. Ambrose. That was such a special place for me. It was my first job and at St. Ambrose we just had such great mentors and such great friends and we had good facilities. Lee Lohman Arena had just opened up and… definitely getting to the Final Four my last two years there are tremendous memories.”

Tom Brands, Iowa wrestling coach: “Well first of all, the Quad Cities is wrestling country. Currently in our program we have Paul Glynn in our program, Paul Glynn Jr. His dad was an alum. In 1986, he was the No. 3 ranked 126-pounder in the country. I know that story well. I’ve become friends with Paul Sr. … The Quad Cities is important to us.”

I-Club events just like this one continue around the state through the summer until the middle of August. Not sure if any of the coaches are going to drive up in a black-and-gold golf cart, but it’d be pretty cool if they decided to. 

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