A program tradition from yesteryear was on display after Hawkeyes’ 49-24 Holiday Bowl win.

The Hokey Pokey. A tribute to former coach Hayden Fry.

“I used to do it when I used to go roller skating,” said Iowa junior Geno Stone. “I was just in it. It was kind of emotional in there, 10th win and all that stuff. I was just having fun.”

The legendary leader had his teams do the Hokey Pokey after every win while he coached at Iowa.

“I probably did it at a wedding when I was like 10 or something, but honestly no, I hadn’t, so it was fun to do it in the locker room,” said Iowa junior Nick Niemann.

“That was pretty special and I think the Paulsen’s were right there leading it, imagine that, right?,” said Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. “I didn’t cue them up on that one, somebody else may have, but yeah, that was one of Coach Fry’s signatures, one of many actually, so nice tribute to him.”

(Locker room video courtesy of Iowa Football)