Hawkeyes QB Spencer Petras has received criticism but his confidence never wavered

Hawkeyes football

The most ridiculed position on the football field is the quarterback and that’s no different at Iowa, but Spencer Petras believes in his game. Last season he had his ups and his downs but finished 5th in the Big Ten in passing yards. This season he wants to prove the doubters wrong.

“I got to sit behind Nate for two years and I’ve seen our fans love Iowa football. And they just want the best for Iowa football. It is what it is. Everyone has their own option and that’s ok. No offense to the fans — I could care less about what they have to say about my performance. I’m focused on my performance and kind of the things we mentioned like improvement and having a great spring,” said Petras.

Since the 2020 season ended, Petras has gotten a chance to go back to watch the film and make improvements to his game.

“We’ve spent a lot of time the last 8 weeks before spring ball going over self-scout and watching the games from last year. I think the big takeaway — that I’ve made as well as Coach Brian — is wanting to get that completion percentage up to about 65 percent at least. I think that comes from mainly two things. It’s taking gifts you know more efficiently. So, if I have an easy completion I might as well take it. The big thing is ball placement on these timing routes. That’s an area I know where I can improve and I have the last 8 weeks,” Petras said.

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz believes in his quarterback’s progress and makeup.

“I go back to the whole film and the whole season to me one of his highlights might have been Illinois, cause we as a team played poorly, he played poorly and it wasn’t looking too good there. That first half for him to come back. For him to come back the way he did and make some throws he made. That really to me gives me encouragement that there is a pretty good quarterback here and the other part about it. We get to watch him with his teammate, we get to watch him with is questions he asks in one on one meetings with Ken, with Brian. Just the way he operates, the leadership the ownership that he’s taken. This guy just operates how you want a quarterback too,” said Ferentz.

During the offseason, Petras has been watching film of Alabama quarterback Mac Jones trying to incorporate what Jones does well to his game.

“I watch a good amount of Mac Jones and him working Alabama’s offense. I think he does a lot of really really good stuff, that I think I can try to emulate in my game. I think it’s kind of a similar thing I can do in this offense and really just making sure the playmakers can catch the ball and run with it and make plays,” said Petras.

In Petras last two games, he threw for 5 touchdowns with no interceptions. The quarterback believes the Iowa offense will take the next step in 2021.

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