Iowa Football getting things done a different way at camp in 2020

Hawkeyes football

Tyler Linderbaum/Iowa Center) 0:6
“You know we are just taking it a day at a time, and I think that’s what you need to do. Because there is so much ahead that’s just unknown. As players, older guys we just need to do a good job just bringing the younger guys with us. And just treat it one day at a time.”

(Corey Rholdon/Hawkeye HQ Reporter) 0:17
“And that’s what Ferentz, and his team are doing, working out in small individual groups. Until the whole team can come together.”

(Kirk Ferentz/Iowa Head Coach) 0 :24
“Certainly the way we are training is different than anytime in the past. First of all we spaced out our groups a little bit more to limit traffic flow in the building the meals are all take out meals. And then with the strength and conditioning program itself we are putting players in pods. You know, typically we have guys working you know by postion, by size those type of things. Right now it’s more geared towards their social network if you will. So, it might be three guys that live in a apartment together. Four guys that live in a house together are working together opposed to times past.”

(Corey Rholdon)
“A total of 25 players and coaches tested positive for Covid-19, but there was no hospitalizations as of now. Players are just happy to be back on campus, and get a chance to workout.”

(Djimon Colbert/Iowa Linebacker) 1:09
“Training has been really good, you know guys are really excited to get back into the facilities.A lot of guys are quarantined, and you know some guys had it. Some guys some guys have been around people who had it. You know you just have to stay home for a while. So, we are just started to get more guys in. A lot of guys are able to workout now so. Workouts are really good. A lot of energy, a lot of excitment in the weight room. So, it’s been really good for us.”

(Corey Rholdon) 1:30
“The Hawkeyes summer program ends on Friday, but that does not mean the team has to stop working out.

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