Iowa Football talks about their changes following the Blackwell Report

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“One positive with the Blackwell Enternal Review is that they found that players felt like their has been a positive change within the program since June.”

(Gary Barta/Iowa’s Athletic Director) 09
“Among this report or within this report, there’s some good news, and again, I’m not downplaying the fact that this is very critical of some of the things we have to get better in, but what I say is good news and what I was grateful to hear is that — and this is from the report — there was uniformity from the current student-athletes that things have significantly improved since June. Now, understandably there are also some student-athletes in the group who are taking a wait-and-see attitude. They want to make sure that these improvements are long-term and not just a short-term reaction.”

(Corey Rholdon)
“Kirk Ferentz has run an NFL style college football program, but now he wants to be involved in every aspect of his team.”

(Kirk Ferentz/Iowa Head Coach) 058
“First of all, I am responsible as the head coach. I’ve prided myself on running an NFL-style collegiate program, if you will, which means position coaches have autonomy and freedom to develop the curriculum and the coaching style that they choose. The former players’ experiences show me the need to be more involved in every aspect of the program so coaches and staff are carrying out the responsibilities in a manner consistent with our expectations. We’re focused on creating a more inclusive culture for everybody, players and coaches. Over the past weeks, I’ve learned our culture was not as strong as I thought. Many of our black players felt they had to conform to a white culture, and in some instances coaches had crossed the line from demanding to demeaning, and that’s never acceptable.”

“The whole Iowa football program staff, and players are going through this change.

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