Iowa Hawkeyes new offensive lineman making a difference

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“The Hawkeyes offensive line has been a staple for the Iowa football program for the last several seasons. But the team did lose Tristan Wirfs to the 1st round of the NFL Draft. So where will that experence come from? Enter Coy Cronk, the Grad transfer from Indiana was a team captain before having a season ending injury in 2019. He brings a ton of Big 10 experence.”

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“You talk about a guy like Spencer who’s never played, Coy is at the opposite end with 40 games under his belt already. That will be helpful to our team just to — we lost a really good player in Tristan who’s doing really well right now, but when you lose a guy that you could really count on who had that experience level, it’s nice to have another guy who’s also pretty experienced.”

“A reason why Cronk decided to transfer to Iowa, was the programs history of developing offensive linemen.”

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“I’ve had a lot of respect for the Iowa program, especially playing in the Big 10, you watch a lot of film. There is a lot of cross over and you get to watch Iowa offensive line play a lot, while you are preping for Big 10 teams. Seeing how they operated, and the pace that they play at there is just a lot of things that stood out to me. I got a phone call from coach Ferentz and for me it was an easy decision.”

“Coy Cronk’s hometown of Lafayette Indiana is close to another Big 10 School, Purdue. And Although he attended Indiana and now goes to Iowa. He is still prideful of where he is from.”

“I am from Lafayette, and I take a lot of pride of where I’m from. I really love Lafayette. Especially growing up down there, and everything the community has down. And everything we do for the community it’s really tight. I love being from there it’s an awesome place. I go so much respect for Coach Brohm and what he is has been able to do these last three or four seasons. He’s brought a lot of excitment back into the Lafayette community people are really excited about football again.”

“Coy Cronk will get to travel back home as the Hawkeyes play Purdue this Saturday in West Lafayette.

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