Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz spoke about the return of Big Ten Football

Hawkeyes football

It is certainly good to be talking football after all this there has certainly been uncertainty for everyone going back to March in all regards of our lives it was really a great day to get some clarity in terms of where we are going as a football conference and what it’s like moving forward and I can just tell you it was really exciting for our players to get that news (Wednesday), “To see their faces I announced it to the various groups in the morning …a total different demeanor and tone. The biggest issue this whole time has been about our players, what is best for them and their health is first and foremost.

“For them to know we have a chance to play football is exciting.”(Jay Kidwell/Reporting)
Coach Ferentz thanked the Big Ten presidents and chancellors for their leadership and thoughtful consideration in allowing football to return to the Big Ten.

The rapid testing not that I am a medical expert that was a real game changer and there were some real concerns in contact tracing especially so that was a prominent part of this whole thing but this is not going to go away this is going to continue to be something that everyone has to be very vigilant about everybody has to take personal responsibility because we will be dealing with this until January and most likely beyond that so that is first and foremost.

“I appreciate the leadership of the conference finding a path to the field.
Where we are at right now we will look at the time frame and be as smart as we can and do the best that we can to get our players ready to play but also not put them at risk and maybe not go as hard as we would in an August camp.

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