How Hawkeyes kicker Keith Duncan looks to Tiger Woods for inspiration

Hawkeyes football

One of the strengths for this Iowa Hawkeyes football team has been the play of their special teams. Whether it’s been punter Tory Taylor or punt returner Charlie Jones, the unit always seems to get an edge. But it’s been a rough few weeks for Keith Duncan. The all-time leader in field goal percentage in Iowa history isn’t letting a few misses hurt his confidence.

“I started off fairly well I’d say, 4 out of 4,” Duncan said. “But then obviously kind of disappointed in the last two games. Kind of watching the Masters this week, I am a big golf guy. I saw Tiger Woods hit a 10 on a par 3 that he’s played probably hundreds of times. He has probably hit that club hundreds of times. Then he ended up finishing I think 5 under in his next 6 holes. So, that basically comes down to how you respond, how you carry yourself mentally and physically and that’s what I’m looking for.”

Australian freshman Tory Taylor has been a breakout star this season, averaging over 45 yards per punt — but what is the Aussie like off the field?

“He is a great guy, awesome hair and can punt it really far,” Duncan said. “I am slowly, I am starting to like the Australians the more and more I am around them. His energy is always alive and it brings everyone up together, he is just very unique in the way that he punts, he is able to place it where ever he wants it on the field. Has so many punts that he can just pull out of his bag, pin them at the one yard line, kick it 60 yards whatever he does he is very confident in whatever he is doing.”

Last season, Duncan was a consensus All-American and he believes he will be back on track soon.

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