What the Iowa Hawkeyes take away from their tough loss to Purdue

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The Hawkeyes lost to Purdue 24 to 20, but they did have some positives offensively. They almost had 500 yards of total offense. Spencer Petras showed some flashes, and Tyler Goodson had 136 yards from scrimmage. Defensively they made a lot of really good plays including two interceptions.

“What it’s gets down to is us getting back in there tomorrow, and us responding the right way,” says Kirk Ferentz, Iowa’s Head Coach. “Putting in another good week, and see if we can’t make the improvements we expect to win football games.”

“The biggest thing to remember it is important for all of us. The only goal of ours that is off the table at this point is being undefeated,” Spencer Petras, Iowa’s quarterback. “There are so many things to fight for and it starts with beating Northwestern next week.”

In his first start, quarterback Spencer Petras threw for 265 yards, but he believes there is still a lot of room for improvement.

“I don’t know I was defiantly nervous to begin the game. Just first game there, as we got into a rhythm,” says Petras. “As we run the ball more effectively. It makes it easy as we get the ball to our playmakers as we get protection. It helped me settle down for sure.

“The way he has been leading the team, and getting us going,” says Tyler Goodson, Iowa’s running back. “I am happy with Spence being our quarterback, and I will be for this season and the next few years.

“He prepared for the season extremely well, it’s been a usual season as we all know. No one is more competitive and more prepared, and this film will be really good for him,” says Ferentz. “I thought he played well to answer your question. I thought he led our team. Had some good control and awareness and he will see some things on the film and say I should have gone here or gone there. But that’s part of the process it’s his first game playing.”

Defensively the Hawkeyes struggled to cover receiver David Bell. Bell had 13 receptions for 121 yards and three touchdowns. Iowa’s defense believes the fault lies within the group and not an individual player.

“Yeah, I mean he is a good player, he is one of the best receivers in the Big Ten, so you know he is going to go out there and make plays,” says Nick Niemann, Iowa’s linebacker. “I don’t think it really is anyone fault they threw the ball. It comes down to physicality, communication and effort.”

But in the end, the Hawkeyes could not overcome those costly mistakes and they will turn their attention to Northwestern.

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