Hawkeyes grab 5th-straight Cy-Hawk Trophy

Hawkeye Headquarters


Iowa edged Iowa State 18-17 in a close battle in Ames that included two weather delays.

The Cyclones led the Hawkeyes 7-6 at the half, but Iowa kicker Keith Duncan went 2/2 on second-half field goals while senior quarterback Nate Stanley added a rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter giving Iowa a one-point advantage.

“It’s awesome, you know?,” the quarterback said in the locker room following the win. “Awesome to just be able to celebrate with my teammates. Everybody did a great job, great team win.”

“You can’t put into words the feeling of winning a game like that with the significance of an Iowa-Iowa State game,” said junior defensive end A.J. Epenesa. “I mean the significance it has to the state, to the people of the state, and to the programs.”

“I was just letting my emotions go,” added junior offensive lineman Tristan Wirfs. “It was a pretty hard fought game. Seeing the Paulsens afterwards, in all five years they’ve been here they haven’t lost this game. All the seniors, you know? It’s just a big release of emotion I think.”

“Games like this get down to mental toughness, physical toughness, and they certainly had more than their share of it, too,” said head coach Kirk Ferentz. “Both teams competed so hard out there on the field. Just a tribute to our guys, our leadership, talking about seniors again really leading the way. And nobody getting discouraged. Even though we had some discouraging plays nobody got discouraged out there and kept swinging the bat and kept playing. It’s a really good thing.”

Iowa has won 5 Cy-Hawk battles in a row. They improve to 3-0 on the season.

CyHawk Gameday pregame

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